Cash & Accounts

RMB Corporate Account

Grow your business in mainland China

Build your relationships with suppliers and facilitate trade in mainland China with a DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd RMB Corporate Account. Through this account, we help you efficiently manage remittances, foreign exchange and finance your trade.


Why choose DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd RMB Corporate Account?

  • Ensure your funds are safe with an “AAA(TWN)" and “twAAA” rated bank. DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd has been affirmed with the highest credit rating among Taiwan banks
  • Deposit and withdraw funds in the form of bank notes, local fund transfers and telegraphic transfers
  • Access a wide range of RMB services including trade remittances, RMB exchange, overseas and local fund transfers, trade services, finance, banking via fax (after signing the fax indemnity form) and a dedicated team of Relationship Managers to assist you


What is the daily cash withdrawal limit?

There is no limit for daily cash withdrawals with the RMB Corporate Account.

What is the minimum balance required for the saving account?

In order to benefit from interest gained in this account, it is advised to maintain a minimum balance of RMB 500.

How do I know if my company is eligible for this account?

All corporations, institutions and public organisations registered in Taiwan (DBU) and outside Taiwan (OBU) are eligible for this account.


How do I apply?

Simply call us at 02 6606 0302. Alternatively, you may visit any of our Branches and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you.