Privacy Policy

Dear customers, in order for DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Bank" or “DBS Bank”) to provide you with the utmost security when using the various services offered in this website and related applications, we have implemented stringent confidentiality rules to safeguard your personal information, transactions, and other relevant data. The bank will not disclose to any third party the personal information you have provided to us except in accordance with relevant legal requirements or with your consent or authorization. The following is a description of the bank's information security and privacy policies with regards to this website/application.


1.     Personal data collection policy

The bank will collect personal information from users depending on the types of services offered through this website/application; therefore you may be asked to provide your name, ID number, telephone number, E-mail, address or other information as deemed relevant when you engage in any applications or activities. The bank will maintain records generated from the site server when you browse or make inquiries online or through mobile applications; these records may include the IP address of your connection device, the timing and contents of your browsing, and a log containing the commands you have selected. Meanwhile, this website may also link to other third-party websites that may also collect your personal information. The personal information you provide to these linked websites are subject to their respective privacy policies, for which the bank's privacy and data security policies are no longer applicable. You can see our "Personal Data Management Policy Statement" here.

2.     Data storage and administration

We keep your corporate or personal data securely stored inside the bank's database, with firewalls implemented to prevent unauthorized accesses. Only those who are subjected to the bank's governance and administration may access and use customers' data. The bank may commission professional IT companies to provide high security and stringent administration over your stored corporate or personal data. The bank will accommodate such arrangements by implementing proper data administration guidelines before your information is made available to the service provider, thereby ensuring that no unauthorized users can access or alter your information without going through the security mechanisms of the database system.

3.     Customer data protection methods

In order to secure customers' online transactions, the bank adopts a 128-bit SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) mechanism to encrypt all data transmissions, implements firewalls and applies variable-digit passwords stored in randomization thereby preventing illegal hacking and protecting your information and passwords from theft and illegal access.

4.     Notification of collection, processing, use and international transmission of personal data

The bank collects customers' personal information and makes use of which within the boundaries and for the specific purposes of collection, and in the meantime complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and other laws and regulations. In other words, information is used within the specific purposes for which it was collected in the first place, and under the exceptional circumstances stipulated in Article 20 of the Personal Data Protection Act. Therefore, unless otherwise regulated by law or by the regulatory authorities, or agreed by you and the bank, we will not disclose any of your personal data maintained by the bank to any third party without your prior consent or authorization. Please read thoroughly the “Notification of Collection, Processing, Utilization and International Transmission of Personal Data” (hereinafter referred to as “Notification”) which announced by the bank in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act. According to the Notification, you acknowledge that, based on specific purpose, what types of personal information the Bank will collect from you, how the bank will use, disclosure or save your personal information, and your rights on your personal information (including inquire, request to review or correct). If using electronic banking related mobile applications, the application would, based on the services you use, within the necessary authorities, request to enable access permissions such as internet, notification, contacts, storage capacities, camera, and biometrics. Some of the access permissions is to improve user experiences purpose or is only applied to regions outside of Taiwan. If user would like to terminate the access permission, you are able to revoke access permissions in devices settings. Please note that if you revoke permission access, this will impact functional availabilities. Application explanation of each permission access is as follows:

    Biometric authentication (fingerprint/ facial recognition): Logging into IDEAL mobile and authorizing transactions, etc.

    Notification: Allowing IDEAL to push relevant transaction information and service reminders to the user's mobile device.

    Camera: In some IDEAL service regions (excluding Taiwan), support for scanning QR codes for Scan & Pay services.

    Contacts: In some IDEAL service regions (excluding Taiwan), support for transferring funds to contacts services.

In addition, to ensure the security of your mobile device, a scan will be conducted upon activating IDEAL mobile to check for malware software detections. This is to safeguard the security and usage of IDEAL mobile, and such scanning will not access and save your personal information in other mobile applications.

5.     Policy on sharing personal data between the bank's website and any third-party website

Unless the bank has your consent or is required by laws/regulations, the bank will not disclose any information which you have provided over the bank's website or applications to any third party or for any alternative purposes. However, should the judicial department or any other authorities raise an official and legal request to do so, the bank may accommodate such requests in a manner that addresses the security concerns of users' data.

6.     Policies on the uses of Cookies

Our website and applications use cookies. ""Cookies"" are files which contain small amounts of data; they can be saved to your browser or mobile device over the Internet and used to write brief data into your hard drive or mobile device. The bank may use ""Cookies"" to help gather data from time to time. Whenever you visit our website or use the application, the bank's server will keep track of your browsing history in order to offer you personalized services or send you information relating to the bank's campaigns. If you do not wish to provide the history of your Internet activities, you may disable Cookies by changing your browser settings; however, certain web pages may not display properly and some personalized messages may not be available to you as a result.

7.     Changes to customers' data

To ensure the correctness and timeliness of your information, please contact any of our branches to rectify any errors contained in the bank's website, or update your personal information if the changes have not been reflected already.

8.     Self-protection measures

Please keep your personal information and login passwords secret and confidential; do not reveal them to anyone. It is recommended that you change your passwords frequently and refrain from using low-security passwords. Install virus detection software on your computer or mobile device and update the virus code on a regular basis. For the security of your information, please make sure to log off after you have finished using our website or application services.

9.     Subsequent revisions to this declaration

In order to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, the bank may revise any contents of this privacy policy from time to time to meet the regulatory or operational requirements as a result of changes in regulations, system upgrades or outsourcing maintenance.

10.   Contacts

If you have any queries or doubts with regards to the privacy policy of this website, please contact DBS BusinessCare at: 02 6606 0302.