Loan Syndication

Enjoy customised financing solutions and funding efficiency.

Loan Syndication

Enjoy customised financing solutions and funding efficiency.

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Features & Benefits

Enjoy customised financing solutions and funding efficiency with DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd Loan Syndication. Simply allocate your multiple loan requirements to a loan syndicate to arrange and structure your loan needs to meet your company’s project objective and funding purpose. We will work closely with an integrated team of financial specialists to structure, arrange, and administer your loan to ensure your needs are met.

How to Apply

Simply call us at +886 2 6606 0302 and we will arrange for a Relationship Manager to speak with you.

What is the minimum deal size required for a syndicated loan?

We serve all segments of businesses and the deal size is based on your project objective and funding purpose. Typically, the deal size for a syndicated loan starts at USD 20 million for better cost efficiency.

Are there any restrictions on funding purpose, size, and tenure?

The proposal is fundamentally to fulfil funding objectives and requirements. Therefore the purpose, size, and tenure needs to be clear based on the funding needs set out by your business. We will then provide a feasible structure from the lenders’ perspective.

Are there any restrictions on industry type?

Given today’s dynamic business environment, all proposals will be evaluated taking into account the structure of your business, repayment capability, your company’s credit standing and the current market conditions. The feasibility of underwriting the syndicated loan is subject to our team’s combined analysis and valuation of your proposal.

What are the costs of a syndication deal?

In addition to the general administrative fees and interest payments, a syndication deal may generally incur the following costs: 

  • Arrangement and participation fees (charged by DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd)
  • Agent bank fees (charged by any or one of our agent banks)
  • Legal counsel fees (charged by external lawyers engaged to legalise the contracts)
  • Security related fees including but not restricted to pledges/mortgages, amendments and releases
  • Consulting fees for the syndication team during the entire process