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Real Estate Trust

Assign your real estate project to a trust to guard your assets

Real Estate Trust

Assign your real estate project to a trust to guard your assets

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Assign your real estate project to a trust to guard your assets

Entrust your real estate project to DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd Real Estate Trust and appoint us to perform fiduciary duties to your trusted assets. These include but are not limited to land, completed or under construction projects and deposits from project pre-sale. You can be assured we will act in your best interests to develop the land and construct the building over the land under the guidelines of the trust account.


Benefits to land owners/sellers, also known as the trustor:

  • Construction funds are well managed and safeguarded to avoid any developer’s misappropriation

  • The progress of the property project will be supervised and well managed by a professional real estate management company

  • Trust asset is treated as impartial and detached so as to avoid any delay in the progress of the project by the individual land owner’s interferences


Benefits to the developer:

  • Dedicated to project completion and avoidance of potential disruption from claims of unsecured creditors

  • Enhances buyer’s confidence in buying the property

  • Transfers the title of construction permit to the real estate management company, to allow them to perform and build the property with minimal interference from the project investors and owners


Benefits to property buyers:

  • Strengthens the confidence between the property buyer and seller

  • Ensures the seller obtains the property sale proceeds

  • Ensures the buyer properly acquires the property’s ownership


Why choose DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd Real Estate Trust / Real Estate Presale Inquiry?

  • Benefit from our expertise in the local market where you will gain insights from a dedicated Trust Officer assigned to your development project

  • Ensure your assets are well-managed. We have an extensive and credible network of professional real estate management companies

  • Customise the trust agreement to best suit your real estate project and development phase

What is a trust?

A trust agreement, also known as a trust, is a document that states what you want to be carried out for the property held in trust for your beneficiaries. Common objectives for trusts are to reduce the estate tax liability and to protect the property in your estate.

How does the Real Estate Trust work?

The DBS Real Estate Trust is a joint agreement between DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd (the trustee) and the seller of the presale property (the trustor) to track and implement construction progress and to assure the proper usage of trusted funds. As the trustee, we are dedicated to project completion and the avoidance of potential disruption from unsecured creditors. We also guard pre-sale proceeds to avoid misappropriate use of funds.

Who are the trustor and trustee?

The trustor is the person or company setting up the trust, the trustor is also usually the beneficiary and the owner/seller of the presale property. The person or entity in charge of the trust is known as the trustee. In this case, DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd will be the trustee to your trust account. The trustee makes sure everything in the trust stays in working order.

Who is the beneficiary in this trust relationship?

The beneficiary of the trust is the seller of the presale property, not the buyer, and the trust relationship only exists between the Bank (trustee) and the seller of the presale property (trustor).

What are the fees to open and maintain a trust account?

The size of the development project will determine the amount of fees required.

Can I make payment in a foreign currency?

No, the trust account is available only in TWD.

I am the property buyer, how can I view my payment records in the trust account?

You may call us at 0800-808-889 or +886-2-6612-9889 if overseas, and our customer service officer will assist you.

How do I apply?

08:30 am to 18:30 pm Mon - Fri excluding Public Holidays

For more information on DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd Real Estate Trust, please call us at +886 2 6612 8711 or +886 2 6612 8593, and we will get in touch with you.

For inquiries on pre-sale payment records, please call our customer services hotline at +886 2 6606 0302, and we will be glad to help you.