Property Financing

Borrow up to TWD 3 billion to finance your property

Property Financing

Borrow up to TWD 3 billion to finance your property

Why choose DBS Property Financing?
Borrow up to TWD 3 billion with DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd Property Financing. We offer competitive interest rates and a wide range of bundled products to finance your commercial, industrial or residential property. These not only help you with your purchase, but also assist you with the day-to-day management of your business, improve your cash flow, support your business expansion plans and investment needs. Choose from fixed or floating interest rates with tenures of up to five years.

Benefit from our expertise in the local market where you will gain insights from a dedicated Business Development Officer assigned to your project


Choose between floating and fixed interest rate packages of up to five years with flexible repayment terms to suit your needs


Borrow up to TWD 3 billion financing, and gain access to trade facilities and an overdraft


Enjoy our competitive packages when you refinance or take up a new Property Financing plan with us.


Benefit from our financing solutions that aim to optimise the value of your properties across all portfolios, recognise the long term nature of your assets and meet the specific needs when you are ready to develop or own property

How to Apply

Simply call us at +886 2 6606 0302, and we’ll arrange for a Relationship Manager to discuss with you.

How can the Property Financing help my business grow?

Property Financing can be bundled with other facilities such as an overdraft or trade facility, which means we help you manage your cash flow while financing your property purchase.

What type of packages do you offer and which is right for me?

We offer both fixed and floating interest rate packages, as well as specially bundled offerings to support your business plan and to match your appetite for risk. Please contact us via  +886 2 6606 0302, we will arrange our relationship manager to discuss with you in details.

What are the types of property allowed in this financing plan?

You can use the loan to finance the cost and construction of commercial, industrial and residential property. This loan also extends to financing a loan when buying land and office mortgage requirements.

Some of the comprehensive real estate related products available are:

• Residential Mortgage Lending
• Real Estate Trust Services
• Construction and Real Estate Term Loan

Please call us at +886 2 6606 0302. We will arrange for a Relationship Manager to discuss your requirements.

Will your valuation of the property and purchase price differ?

We appoint an independent appraiser to assess the market value of the property. If the valuation is lower than your purchase price, you’ll have to top up the difference before we give you the loan amount.

Why should I refinance?

Refinancing with DBS could reduce the cost of your instalment payments, however you may be liable for an early repayment fee. There are also other costs associated with refinancing to be considered, such as valuation and legal fees.

What are some of the costs associated with applying for this loan?

We can customise a competitive package based on your needs. The main costs will include the loan interest over the outstanding loan, real estate trust fee, administrative fees and other additional costs may include property valuation and security filing fees.

How do I know if I am eligible?

If your business is in the real estate related industries for more than seven years and has a good and strong financial record, you are likely to be eligible.