Comprehensive Services

Bank anytime, anywhere with DBS IDEAL

Comprehensive Services

Bank anytime, anywhere with DBS IDEAL

At A Glance
Enjoy a comprehensive range of transaction capabilities with DBS IDEAL

Cash Management

Easily transfer funds domestically and internationally, or access online cash management tools via DBS IDEAL.


Trade Finance

Apply for trade finance solutions online and get real-time updates, as well as amend details of your application easily via DBS IDEAL.


FX & Treasury Services

Book FX contracts anywhere, anytime via DBS IDEAL.

Features & Benefits

Supports multi-location, language, and currency

DBS IDEAL supports banking services in 10 markets (Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Australia, Macau, Vietnam).


Multi-channel integration

More than just an online banking platform, you can also integrate DBS IDEAL with your company’s daily workflows to make your business operations more efficient.

  • File based transaction upload
  • ERP system integration via host-to-host setup or APIs connection

Comprehensive cash transaction capabilities

DBS IDEAL supports more than 50 different payment and collection services across different markets.


Trade finance solutions are also available

DBS IDEAL supports the issuance and amendment of Letter of Credit (LC), multi-currency LCs and Import Collection settlements, and application of trust receipt financing.

If your company is the beneficiary party, enquiry of SWIFT Export Letters of Credit and amendments are supported online. Using DBS IDEAL, you can be updated of the status of the acceptance and payment of the Export LC or Collection.

You can also apply for a Banker’s Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit and make amendments through DBS IDEAL.


Reports and alerts

Access DBS IDEAL’s advanced report function where you can personalise and schedule various report types. You may choose to email or directly download your daily account report, trade report, file report, payment advice or transaction summary in any of the available formats (PDF, Excel, and Text).

You can also subscribe to real-time email alerts for your account balance, incoming funds, change of transaction statuses and much more on DBS IDEAL. All these services are provided at no additional charge.

What are the transaction capabilities available on DBS IDEAL?

For Cash Management, apply for these functions on IDEAL:

  • Domestic payment
  • Overseas payment with DBS PriorityPay and SWIFT gpi tracking
  • Bulk payment
  • Bulk collection
  • Payroll payment

For Trade Finance, apply for these functions on IDEAL

Import Products

  • Letters of Credit (LC) Issuance
  • Letters of Credit (LC) Amendment
  • Shipping Guarantees / Air Way Bill Guarantee Application
  • Bills under Letters of Credit
  • Bills under Collection
  • Settlement for Bills

Export Products

  • Export Letter of Credit Advising
  • Export Letter of Credit Amendment
  • Export Letter of Credit Confirmation Application
  • Export Bills under Letter of Credit
  • Export Bills under Collections

Banker’s Guarantee/ Standby Letter of Credit

  • Banker’s Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit Issuance
  • Banker’s Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit Amendment
Can I create a template for recurring payments such as vendor payments and rental fees?

Yes, DBS IDEAL allows users to create templates for all recurring payments. Templates facilitate the creation of transactions by saving pre-determined payment details such as debit account, beneficiary name, account, bank and amount.

Pre-determined fields can be locked or protected so that crucial information cannot be edited or amended. Alternatively, you can make use of the copy function to create a new transaction from an existing payment.

Can I create a transaction that is dated for the future?

Transactions created in DBS IDEAL can be dated up to 90 days in advance. These transactions are warehoused until the scheduled date and will be processed accordingly. (except for TWD related FX payment)

Can I create a transaction during weekends or public holidays?

DBS IDEAL is accessible 24/7, so you can create transactions  and perform account enquiries whenever you need, even on weekends or public holidays (except for creating and approving TWD related FX payment). However, transaction processing is dependent on the cut-off times of each payment type.

Can I print transaction reports for reporting purposes?

DBS IDEAL provides a comprehensive list of reports which you may print within DBS IDEAL, ranging from transaction-specific reports to summary reports and detailed reports on transaction statuses. You can filter the transaction information provided based on categories such as debit account, value date range, status, beneficiary name and amount.