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Live your best years out, without worry. It's never too early to start saving for your golden years or preparing for an eventual increase in medical costs.

Retire free of worry, knowing that there's a plan out there with you in mind. Be free to live out your dreams. Go on that vacation, take up a new sport. It’s all within reach.

Ask yourself how much you need for retirement, and how much of a gap it is to what you have now.

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Retirement-related statistics

With an aging society and an increase in life expectancy, financial independence and comprehensive healthcare coverage are two basic ingredients for a contented retirement. Here are some statistics:

  • 45% of Taiwan citizens prefer to be self-reliant for their retirement as relying on their children becomes less of a trend. Note 1
  • The Average life expectancy has risen from 79.2 years of age  in 1981 to 81 years of age in 2011
  • Taiwan's aging population is among the fastest growing in the world. There is one elderly person for every six or seven people. By 2060, that could rise to one in two people. Note 3
  • In Taiwan, one in six elders above age 65 are disabled; by age 85 or above, one in two are disabled Note 4
  • Medical expenses rise rapidly with aging, as the average per capita medical expense for citizens aged 60 and up are 5.5x that of citizens aged 20~39! Note 5
  • The number of patients suffering from serious illness has risen from 470,000 in 2000 to 920,000 in 2011Note 6
  • For those with serious ailments, medical expenses could be as high as 100 times the average! (Using an average citizen's annual medical expense of TWD26,213 as basis of calculation, a cancer patient's annual medical expenses are 6.4x the average, kidney dialysis 29.4x, respirator dependents 37.6x...up to 94.6x for hemophiliac patients). Note 6

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