TWD Deposit Interest Rate

* The rates for reference only, actual interest rate based on the Bank’s.
* Reach 10 million will apply to large volume interest rate, please contact branches to inquiry large volume rate.

*The following rates only apply to Personal Banking customers. Business Banking customers applicable interest rate disclosed in all branches of business premises, or contact your account manager or call the customer service line Business Banking 0800 808 889 to query.

    Business Banking Deposit Rate

Deposit typeGeneral Deposit
Fixed (%)Floating (%)
Demand Deposit---0.07000
Current Deposit---0.12000
Payroll Savings Account---0.22000
Brokerage Savings Account---0.01000
Wealth Savings Account---0.12000~0.25000
50-Plus Savings Account---0.12000~0.25000
Savings Plus Account---0.12000~0.40000
Fixed Deposit
1 month0.560000.30000
2 months0.580000.30000
3 months0.660000.40000
4 months0.660000.40000
5 months0.660000.40000
6 months0.770000.50000
7 months0.770000.50000
8 months0.770000.50000
9 months0.770000.50000
10 months0.770000.50000
11 months0.770000.50000
1 year1.015000.60000
13 months1.015000.60000
2 years1.015000.60000
3 years1.015000.60000
Fixed Savings Deposit
1 year1.080000.60000
13 months1.040000.60000
14 months1.040000.60000
18 months1.040000.60000
2 years1.040000.60000
3 years1.040000.60000
Basic Lending RateBase Lending Rate + 3.28100%
Base Lending Rate4.29400
Fixed deposit floating index rate I1.08000
Fixed deposit floating index rate II1.08000
ANZ Prime Rate8.87500
ANZ Monthly ARM Indicator Rate1.07000
ANZ Quarterly ARM Indicator Rate1.07000
TTBB Prime Rate10.10000
TTBB Base Lending Rate3.67500
TTBB Monthly ARM Indicator Rate1.08500
TTBB Quarterly ARM Indicator Rate1.08500
Quarterly Taipei Interbank Offered Rate0.66000