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Personal Loan

A DBS personal loan offers low interest rates and increased flexibility to ease your repayment obligations.

Loan Service

DBS personal loan provides high flexibility to ease your burden of repayment obligation and help finance the pursuit of your dreams.
You can enjoy the benefits of interest rate from 5.49% p.a. and maximum credit limit of NTD 3 million, up to 7-year of repayment tenure. All of these terms will increase usage flexibility to satisfy your financial needs for house renovations, education, investment, business working fund or other usage, etc.


Easy Application: Guarantor and Collateral not Needed
Any Taiwan citizens aged between 20 to 60 can apply for the loan as long as they have good credit record and have worked for the same job for over six months or they are owners of proprietary or private business with annual income over NTD300,000.

Superb Flexibility: With a minimum loan amount of NTD150,000 and a maximum credit limit of NTD3 million. Seven years to repay. Meet your financing needs flexibility.

*Note of DBS Bank (Taiwan):we  do not accept any applications from loan brokers (agents); any online marketing by any entities through linking to (referring to) our website (bank name) in any way without our permission is prohibited.

How to Apply :

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Treasures Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0809-002889 or 02-66129888.


  1. Applicants of loans are required to pay 3% of the early repayment amount as the penalty if they repay part of or all borrowing within 12 months of the disbursement date.
  2. The interest rate of the loan is based on the Time Deposit Index plus 4.11% to 17.11%. Time Deposit Index is adjusted on 3/21、6/21、9/21、12/21 every year. Please refer to the statement on our website for details of the Time Deposit Index.
  3. The annual percentage rate on total finance charges for the loan ranges from 6.76% ~ 19.93%, which is calculated under the assumption of a NTD300,000 loan amount, with five-year repayment period, interest rate at 5.49% ~ 18.49%, as well as with other expenses of NTD 9,000.
  4. The annual percentage rate on total finance charges doesn’t equal to interest rate of the loan and the percentage disclosed in this advertisement is calculated according to standardized model filed with the regulatory authority. The actual terms and conditions of the loans vary with different products offered by the Bank. The actual annual rate applied by a client varies with individual loan products and different credit conditions for each subject case.
  5. The record date for the calculation of the annual percentage rate on total finance charges of the loan is on December 22, 2014.
  6. The Bank reserves the right to determine the credit limits, applicable interest rates and application approvals of the loan, and the right to change, suspend and terminate the timeframe and contents of the offering of loan. Please refer to loan application form and its terms and conditions of DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd. for details of the product offering.

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