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DBS Mortgage Power

DBS Mortgage Power gives you flexibility in capital utilization, giving you the option to draw funds as needed within approved credit lines, with interest calculated on actual daily amount used.

No interest is charged if no withdrawal is made. It allows you to seize opportunities to create wealth or realize life dreams for renovation, overseas vacations, children education, and more!

Product features:
  • Withdraw and repay as needed, use ATM card to withdraw or repay. Flexible capital usage
  • Interest calculated daily and interest is based on usage. Plan ahead to save on interest expenses
  • Multiple withdraws within credit line requires no new application, which makes it simpler and easier!

Applicant criteria:

ROC citizens over 20 years of age with good credit, or Alien Resident Certificate holding foreigners

Loan interest rate:

Fixed Deposit Floating Index Rate + Spread

Repayment method:

Withdraw and repay as needed, monthly payment on interest, principal settled upon maturity

Client story with DBS Mortgage Power:


Mr. Wang works at a securities investment company and has frequent need for financial investment services, so he used his residence to apply for " DBS Mortgage Power ", setting up a primary-lien collateral to obtain a significant loan amount. He can use his ATM card or any branch to withdraw or transfer, achieving smart financial management with ease. For Mr. Wang, this type of loan, which can be withdrawn or repaid when needed, for amounts that can be used and be repaid multiple times, plus interest calculated based on amount and days used, is simply the best choice!

Sample illustration of total cost in annual percentage rate (APR):


The base date for this loan interest rate is December 21, 2018

Loan amount: TWD 2 Million

Loan interest rate: 2.58%+

Processing fee: TWD 4,500/case~TWD12,000/case

Credit check fee: TWD 1,000/case

Total fee APR: 2.86%~3.13%

How to Apply

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Personal Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0800-808-889 or 02-6612-9889

Please Note:
(1) This is DBS Mortgage Power.
(2) This loan interest rate is adjusted monthly or quarterly based on the bank's fixed deposit floating index rate. For the latest fixed deposit rate index, please see announcement on our Bank’s website.
(3) DBS Bank (Taiwan) reserves the right of approval on loans. DBS Bank (Taiwan) has the right to review applicant credit history and market conditions, in order to determine individual interest rate, loan amount, and loan duration.
(4) This document only contains typical conditions with this bank's housing loans. For specific housing loan conditions, please contact us for detailed consultation.
For detailed inquiry, please contact DBS Bank (Taiwan) branches or our Customer Service Centre hotline 0800-808889 or 02-66129889

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