Offshore Bonds

DBS Offshore Bonds

DBS keeps its fingers on the pulse of the bond market and offers investors newly issued offshore bonds that suit our clients. The bank also provides professional advisory services that will help you optimize potential capital gains.

DBS Bank (Taiwan) provides a full range of offshore bond investment products. No matter if the bonds are denominated in USD, EUR, AUD, NZD or RMB, DBS will carry out a rigorous review and handpick quality offshore bonds, these bonds will meet the needs of different customers and offer them more choices when it comes to strengthening their global portfolios.

  • Fixed coupon bonds with regular coupon payments

    When holding offshore bonds (unless otherwise agreed on by the issuer, such as an early redemption mechanism, or if the issuer defaults), you will receive a regular and stable flow of interest income that will provide you with sense of security.
  • Principal guaranteed at maturity

    If you hold our bond products to maturity and the issuer has not ever defaulted, the pre-tax amount you receive will be 100% of the bond's face value.
  • Potential capital gains

    Due to the scale of the secondary market for offshore bonds, it possesses a considerable degree of liquidity. When prices rise above the cost price at which an investor purchased the bond, the offshore bonds held by the investor may be sold in advance to realize capital gains. Conversely, the investor may also suffer losses if he or she sells a offshore bonds when its price is lower than its cost price at the point of purchase.

How to apply

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Treasures Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0809-002889 or 02-66129888

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Notes and Risk Disclosures:

  1. Offshore bonds are a type of investment product, with associated risks that differ from bank deposits; offshore bonds are not covered by deposit insurance, and does not constitute any obligation for guaranteed repayment by this bank or related enterprise (unless this bank or related enterprise takes responsibility for issuance of the bond or as guarantor).
  2. This material only provides general information for reference, and does not recommend buying or selling specific bonds or products.Bank provided offshore bond product descriptions are for reference only, with content has does not represent any offer or inducement for offer, and does not constitute investment recommendations. For subscription constraints, product details, conditions, fee collection, and other details and related rights and obligations for specific products, shall be handled in accordance with the details of the transaction agreement signed between the bank and the client, as well as the prospectus and other documents.
  3. Clients should understand that investing in bonds may involve interest risk, exchange rate risk, liquidity risk, early redemption risk, re-investment risk, delivery settlement risk, country risk, legal risk, tax risk, and other major risks. The major risks disclosed by this bank are all major categories, for transaction risks and factors impacting market conditions may be impossible to describe in detail, so customers prior to transactions should consult personal financial, tax, or legal and other professional consultants and fully understand (a) offshore bond product characteristics and characteristic of investment related risks and (b) related financial, accounting, tax, or legal issues, as well as (c) assess personal financial status and risk tolerance, before deciding whether to carry out investment and should also avoid concentrating capital overtly in this offshore bonds product.
  4. Under general circumstances, bond prices will be impacted by interest rate changes in the currency denominated issuing country. Generally, when this currency interest rate goes up, there is possible drop to below face value and loss to original investment capital; when this currency interest rate drops, there is possible rise in bond market prices.。Interest rates often change suddenly and is difficult to predict.
  5. Investing in offshore bonds must bear credit risk of the issuing entity: in the worst scenario, if the issuer defaults on its obligations under the bond product, the investor would not receive any returns, and would lose the entire investment.
  6. Investments are risks, past performance is not a prediction of future performance, and this bank does not provide any guarantee or warranty of future market performance.
  7. The economic trend forecasts mentioned above does not necessarily represent the performance of offshore bonds or other investment targets. Prior to making any investment decision, the investor should become familiarized with sales documents (including risk factors) related to offshore bonds or other investment targets, and for its particular investment target, financial status, risk tolerance, special needs, and the risk factors disclosed in the sales documents of related products or services, independently assess whether the related product or service is an appropriate investment target or seek professional financial consultant recommendation, then decide whether to carry out related investment or transaction. DBS Bank (Taiwan) may also update related materials at any time without further notification.
  8. The above mentioned investment portfolios and investor types were determined based on DBS Bank analysis of customer financial needs. Investment portfolio risk types are growth (C4), stability (C3), cautious (C2), and conservative (C1). Risk consideration used to formulate asset allocation is based on annualized quarterly averages.Max limit on annualized quarterly averages is appropriate for different investment portfolios, with defensive investment portfolios having the most stringent risk constraints, while active investment portfolios have the most permissive risk constraints.
  9. Offshore bonds product transaction gains are all overseas gains, so investor that is a for-profit company shall act in accordance with tax law stipulations to pay for-profit corporate income tax; investors that are individuals living in the Republic of China shall, in accordance with ROC Income Basic Tax Act, for taxpayer with annual total less than NTD 1 million, be exempt from inclusion in basic income amount; for those exceeding NTD 1 million, shall be included in full in the basic income amount. For annual overseas income of at least NTD 1 million, must be included in individual basic income amount, if individual income amount exceeds NTD 6 million, then must follow laws and regulations to report and pay income tax. If relevant regulations change in the future, then handling shall follow the latest stipulations.Customers shall bear the risk of deductions or withholding of related tax, and this bank shall have no obligation to refund such tax amounts.
  10. DBS Bank (Taiwan) address: 32, 36 Songren Road, floors 15-17, Taipei.

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