Credit Card Information for Foreign Nationals

Treasures Credit Card

The only card you’ll ever really need. Exclusive hand-picked and tailored perks specially chosen for DBS Treasures clients.

Treasures Credit Card

We know you’ve made the right choice in partnering us. Now we’ve officially debuted the "DBS Treasures Credit Card" in Taiwan. Swipe your Treasures Credit Card whenever you make purchases, and be prepared for a suite of exclusive lifestyle VIP privileges.

Unlimited Cash Rebates
Up to 1.5%, unlimited amount of cash rebates

Accumulate cash rebates with your Treasures Credit Card to enjoy unlimited rebates the the following month.

  • Enjoy 1.5% cash rebate when you use your card overseas
  • For domestic monthly consumption >=TWD20,000, enjoy a 0.8% cash rebate
  • For domestic monthly consumption <TWD20,000, enjoy a 0.6% cash rebate

For relevant items of note, please click and read Cardholders’ Privileges Booklet of Treasures Credit Card.

For DBS TW Credit Card development plan, annual fee policy and certain conditions will be changed from 2017/11/06. Please visit “Legal Disclaimers and Announcements” for more details.

  • How to Apply

    DBS Treasures Credit Card is an exclusive credit card for our privileged Treasures customers.
    If you're an existing DBS Treasures customer, please contact your Relationship Manager to apply.
    To further inquire about Treasures services and privileges, please contact us at 0809-002-889 or (02) 6612-9888
    Please click and download the application form
    Please click and download the application form (for reference only)

    *Starting from 2016/7/1, DBS Bank (Taiwan) does not accept new primary card application from students.

    Financial Status / Income Proof Requirement waiver criteria:

    With most recent three-month TRB average balance ≧ NT$ 2M; current TRB at least ≧ NT$1M and valid wealth mgmt transaction history (please contact your Relationship Manager for more details).

    If you are not qualified as above waiver criteria, income proof with annual income ≧ NT$ 600K is necessary for your card application.

  • Methods of Payments

    Through multiple options for ease of payments, choose the ones most convenient for you:

    1. Over the counter
      Use DBS Bank (Taiwan) agent receipt vouchers to pay at any branches of DBS Bank (Taiwan) or Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd branches.
    2. Automatic deduction
      Arrange for automatic deductions if you have current accounts at DBS Bank (Taiwan) or Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd.
    3. Post office transfer
      You can transfer bills to an account as 50072338 via branches of Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd with account title as "DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd".
    4. Spot cheque payment
      For cheque payment, please cross off the back to prevent others from encashing it. Please indicate payee as "DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd." and use registered post to mail to 13F., No.399, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.), DBS Bank (Taiwan) Loans Operating Department. Please ensure that identification numbers of primary cardholder and credit card numbers are recorded on the back of the cheque to facilitate the bill-posting process. Cheques require 2 to 7 working days to be credited. If you are using non-local cheques, please send the cheques to us with 7 days in advance to avoid conversion delays. Please do not use a single cheque to pay for 2 different accounts. If you'd like to pay for two or more accounts, please separate cheques to ensure accurate crediting of each account.
    5. ATM
      You can use any ATM with cross-bank transferring capability to make payments by using ATM cards from any participating banks for cross-bank transferrings. Bank code of transferee is 810. For transferring account numbers, please enter your 16-digit credit card number. Cross-bank transferring fee is TWD15 for each transaction.
    6. Payment by online banking
      If you are a customer of online banking at our bank, you can log on to our bank’s online bank ( and pay your credit card bill by the following steps: Click [paying the credit card bill] -> select the account from which you would like to make the payment -> enter [the amount of payment] -> enter the message dynamic code -> click confirm -> complete the payment
  • Cash advance

    Cardholders of cards issued by DBS (Taiwan) from 2013/10/1 (inclusive) onward understand and agree that DBS (Taiwan) will no longer provide cash advance pin. When cardholders of cards issued by DBS (Taiwan) before 2013/10/1 make cash advance with their cash advance pin, they must do so under the regulations and procedures codified by DBS(Taiwan) and the institution providing the cash advance, and they must pay DBS(Taiwan) a commission of 2.5% of the balance for each transaction plus NT$150. [The formula for calculation is: Cash advance commission for each transaction = NT$150 + (the amount of cash advance × 2.5%)] Moreover, the cardholder may repay this balance any time. If the amount of cash advance is not completely paid off before the cut-off day of the current payment period, DBS (Taiwan) may charge revolving credit interest pursuant to Article 15 of Credit Card Member Agreement on the unpaid balance. However, if the cardholder gets a replacement card, receives a new card, and receives a renewal card upon expiration and executes transaction with our bank with the new card pursuant to Article 19 of Credit Card Member Agreement, the cardholder agrees that the cash advance service provided by our bank is terminated.

  • Procedure for Handling Disputed Purchases

    1. If the cardholder has any question concerning any transaction in the billing statement, he or she may, prior to the current payment deadline, notify DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd for assistance by providing reasons and support documents requested by DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd (e.g. charge slip or refund slip), or by agreeing to pay for the service fee for inquiring the charge slip or the refund slip from the card acquirer (NT$100 per transaction). For cardholders who ask DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd to request the charge slip or refund slip from the card acquirer and agree to pay a service fee, once the result of the investigation indicates that the cardholder has fallen victim to unauthorized uses of credit card or that the questionable charges cannot be attributed to the fault of the cardholder, DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd shall be responsible for the inquiry fee.

    2. If the cardholder intends to withhold payment, the cardholder may ask DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd to request chargeback from the card acquirer or the cash advance provider, or request arbitration by the international credit card organization or make other requests after paying a processing fee determined by the international credit card organization for handling dispute, and may request DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd to withhold payment regarding the particular transaction.

    3. For disputed charges on which payment is withheld, if DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd later finds that the charge is not erroneous or that payment should not be withheld for the dispute is not caused by something attributable to the fault of DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd, the cardholder shall make payment immediately upon receiving a notice from DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd, and pay DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd interest at an appropriate annual percentage rate no more than 15% starting from the next day following the original payment deadline.

    4. When a dispute occurs between the cardholder and a contracted merchant, DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd shall provide assistance in resolving such dispute and be an advocate for the consumer when there are any doubts.

  • Procedure for Loss of Card Handling

    1. If the cardholder’s credit card is lost, stolen, robbed, lost in a swindle, or taken possession by another person other than the cardholder (collectively referred to as “lost”), the cardholder should promptly notify DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd or establishments designated by DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd by phone or other means to report the card loss and pay a card loss report fee in the amount of NT$200 (The fee is waived for Treasures Card). However, if deemed necessary by DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd, a notice shall be sent to the cardholder within 10 days after accepting the card loss report, requesting the cardholder to file a report with the local police authority within 3 days after receiving the notice or send a written supplementary report to DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd.

    2. DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd shall assume losses incurred from unauthorized use of the cardholder’s credit card starting from the time the cardholder has completed the card loss report formality. However, under any of the following situations, the cardholder shall still be held liable for losses incurred from unauthorized use after completing the card loss report formality:

      • The unauthorized use by another individual is permitted by the cardholder or the cardholder intentionally gave his or her card to said individual.
      • The cardholder is intentional or grossly negligent in revealing to another individual his or her password or other means of personal identification for obtaining cash advances or making other transactions via ATM.
      • The cardholder conspired with a third party or contracted merchant to falsify transactions or to commit credit card fraud.
    3. The amount (deductible) to which the cardholder is liable for losses incurred from unauthorized credit card use prior to completing the card loss report formality shall be capped at NT$3000. However, the cardholder’s deductible may be waived under any of the following situations:

      • Unauthorized card use occurred within 24 hours of the completion of the card loss report formality; or
      • The signature of the unauthorized user on the charge slip appears visibly different to the naked eye from the signature of the cardholder, or identifiably different from the signature of the cardholder had due diligence of a good administrator been exercised.
    4. If the cardholder meets the provisions specified in Paragraph 2 hereof and one of the following situations, and DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd could show that it has exercised due diligence of a good administrator, the agreed deductible for unauthorized use in the preceding paragraph does not apply:

      • The cardholder is aware that his or her credit card has been lost or stolen, but is remiss in promptly notifying DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd, or if the cardholder still did not notify DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd of lost or stolen credit card 20 days after the current payment deadline.
      • The cardholder breaches the terms of Paragraph 1 of Article 8 herein by not signing on his or her credit card, which results in unauthorized use by another individual.
      • The cardholder did not provide the documents requested by DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd, refused to assist with the investigation or show other behaviors that violate the principle of good faith after reporting credit card loss.
    5. The primary card and the supplementary card shall be viewed as one entity. When the primary card is reported lost or cancelled from usage, the supplementary card shall also be cancelled from usage and returned to DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd If the supplementary card is used after the primary card is lost or cancelled, the primary cardholder will be liable to the transactions incurred both prior and after the primary card is lost or cancelled. When the supplementary card is lost, the primary card may continue to be used, and the supplementary cardholder may apply for re-issuing of the card only if he/she has reported the card loss.

    6. Regarding cash advances at the automated machines, the cardholder shall be liable for damages occurred prior to reporting of the credit card loss as a result of fraudulent use. The deductible specified in Paragraph 3 hereof does not apply.

  • Emergency Replacement Card

    If you lose your cards while travelling internationally, apply for an "Emergency Replacement Card" when reporting your lost cards by contacting our customer service center or international service organizations. They will coordinate on pickup time, location, and protocol for a replacement card that could only be used within a specified period of time. Upon your return, please contact our customer service center to issue a new card. The emergency replacement cards can only be used for normal consumption  without cash advance function. Please contact our customer service center upon return to Taiwan, and mail us back the cut-up fragments of the emergency replacement card.

  • VISA Signature Card Secretarial Service Hotline

    Our Visa Signature Card's dedicated secretary provides you with 24-hour service for a whole year to meet your versatile tourism and entertainment needs. Allow us to assist you in tourism-planning, hotel-booking, flight-seat-reserving, restaurant-reserving, rental service, performance-ticket-reserving, and other versatile needs.

    24 hour hotline number: 0800-666-112


  • DBS Treasures Customer Service Hotline

    24-hour DBS Treasures Customer Service Hotline:
    0809-002-889 or (02) 6612-9888

Details on Interest and Other Fees

For DBS TW Credit Card development plan, annual fee policy and certain conditions will be changed from 2017/11/06. Please visit “Legal Disclaimers and Announcements” for more details.



Annual Fee

Treasures Credit Card:
  1. Annual fee standard: primary card in the amount of TWD3,600 and supplementary card in the amount of TWD1,000 for each card.
  2. Annual fee discount: Fee waiver for the 1st card-holding-year, and for each year where the total average monthly assets with DBS Bank (Taiwan) is TWD2 million or more, or consumption via card is TWD200,000 or more for past year, annual fee for the subsequent year will be waived.
  3. Above-mentioned standards are applied until Dec 31, 2018 and will be extended for the next year if no changes are announced.

Revolving Interest Rate

Annual interest rate as 5.99%~15%

Late Charge

If minimum required monthly payment is not made prior to monthly payment due date or any late payments, late charges will be put according to non-paid-up minimum required monthly payment besides paying revolving interests (up to 15%) which is electronically determined. NT$300 will be charged for the 1st month, TWD400 will be charged for the 2nd month, and TWD500 will be charged for the 3rd month. The charges will not be put for more than 3 times. It will not be put for any month where the due amount is less than TWD1,000.

Fee of Cash Advance

Amount of Cash advance x 3.5%+TWD100

International Transaction Fee

The card holder should pay all of the credit card transactions in NTD. If the transaction (including refund) is in a currency other than NTD, or is an overseas NTD transaction (including NTD transactions at overseas merchants) or an domestic NTD transaction that is settled internationally (including refund) or cross-border transactions, DBS Bank (Taiwan) is entrusted to exchange the amount into NTD on the settlement days of various credit card international organizations. Every transaction will be settled as the consumption amount plus the international transaction fees which are paid to international credit card organizations by DBS Bank (Taiwan) and 0.5% of the consumption amount as DBS Bank (Taiwan) international transaction fees.

Fee for Registration of Loss

TWD200 for each card. Cardholders of Treasures Credit Card enjoy fee waiver.

Fee for retrieval of cardholder’s copy

TWD100 for each transaction.

Fee for re-issuance of billing statement

NT$100 for each re- issuance (waived for re- issuance statements in the latest 3 months).

Fee for over-paid refund

Cardholder could request over-pay refund, and NT$30 will be charged if being transferred to bank account of the cardholder for each transaction.It will be waived if it’s refunded to accounts of DBS Bank (Taiwan).

Fee for issuance of clearance certificate

When the cardholder's credit card contract with DBS Bank (Taiwan) ends, NT$100 should be charged if the cardholder applies for clearance certificate when paying off all due amount.

  • Online Transaction Validation
    “Online Transaction Validation ”is a real time online transaction protection mechanism provided by DBS Taiwan and supported by VISA. By applying a password via DBS Taiwan official website, it assures that no one other than you can use your DBS Taiwan credit card online.
  • How does it work?
    1. First, it takes you few minutes to register a password and activate the service via DBS official website
      Apply for online validation for VISA cardsClick Here
    2. Once registration complete, as long as you have online shopping from a participating online merchant, password will be required to complete this transaction.
  • Tips for avoiding online fraud
    More info are available from Bankers Association of R.O.C. (click here)

Financial Prudence, Ultimate Credibility
Range of revolving interest rate of DBS Bank (Taiwan) Credit Cards: 5.99~15%
(starting form 1st Feb, 2018)
Base date of revolving interest rate: 1st Feb 2018
Fee of cash advance: amount of cash advance * 3.5%+TWD150
For other fee-charging standards, please visit DBS Bank (Taiwan) website at

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