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Savings Plus Account

The DBS " Savings Plus Account" offers better interest rates than regular savings accounts. Enjoy both flexible capital utilization and excellent interest returns. (The account is not applied to new account customer.)


  • Preferential interest rate tiers, higher than rates of other typical current deposits.
  • Daily rates. The higher the balance, the better the interest rate
  • Daily interest calculation, monthly interest payment, rapid interest returns
  • 5 times inter-bank auto-transactions* fund transfer fee waiver per month
  • 10 times inter-bank ATM cash withdrawal fee waiver per month.
    * Interbank fund transfer monthly fee waiver is applicable to cross channel auto-transactions, include ATM/ interest/ mobile/ phone banking

Interest Calculation

  • Interest threshold amount: TWD5,000
  • Interest calculation method: Interest rate is calculated based on the Wealth Savings deposit rate range corresponding to the daily end balance,
    ※Below rate table only for reference, actual interest rate based on bank's board rate.

Day-end Deposit Balance (TWD)

Interest Rate

Below 1 million


1 million (inclusive) ~ 3 million (not inclusive)


3 million (inclusive) ~ 5 million (inclusive)


Above 5 million

Apply to Current Account board rate

To Open an Account

The account is only applied to ANZ TW specific account, and is not applied to new account customer.

How to Apply

Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0800-808-889 or 02-6612-9889

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