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Your Accounts

Wealth Savings Account

Wealth Savings AccountThe DBS "Wealth Saving Account" offers better interest rates than regular savings accounts Enjoy both flexible capital utilization and excellent interest returns.

Multi-Currency Account

Multi-Currency AccountDiversified foreign currency selection, more choices for asset allocation, benefit from potential appreciation of currencies.

Current Account & Checking Account

Current Account & Checking AccountFlexibility to use account funds, facilitating your day-to-day financial transactions.

50 Plus Savings Account

50 Plus Savings AccountThe "50 Plus Savings Account" is a tiered-benefit savings account designed for customers aged 50+. Increase your returns from interest while enjoying inter-bank withdrawal fee waivers. Giving you easy access to your capital.

Payroll Savings Account

Fixed DepositA payroll savings account offers a higher interest rate than a regular savings account, plus a waiver on inter-bank withdrawal fees.

Fixed Deposit

fixed depositEnjoy abundant interest yield, helping you build up savings and secure every deposit.