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In-depth and broad analysis of major developments in Asia's economic activity, policy, equity, property and currency markets and what they mean for our clients.

Investment Insights

Global / FX, Rates, Credit

2021 Outlook for rates, currency, and credit...

November 25, 2020

What lies after a tumultuous 2020 for asset markets, marked by an initial collapse and then a furious 2H rally in rates, credit, and equities?

Key summary points
  • The markets will be ahead of the economy
  • Policy accommodation will continue
  • The economy still has a long way to recover
  • Rumbling of support pullback could come in late 2021
  • We explore twelve trading strategies for 2021

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Macro Insights

India’s Economies and Markets Around Elections

March 05, 2019


Thailand / Consumer,Healthcare

Challenges facing Thailand’s tourism sector

November 12, 2020

Thailand is among the top 10 most visited destinations in the world. But all that changed with the COVID-19 outbreak. How can it sustain its pole position in the post-pandemic era?

Asia / Info Technology

Asia Technology: Time for a New Game Plan

November 04, 2020

Several players in e-commerce and ride-hailing industries aspiring to be the next SuperApp in emerging economies, such as India and Indonesia, may need to rethink their ambitions.

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