Money Market Funds

Money market funds invest in short term debt instruments such as time deposit certificates, commercial papers, treasury bills, short-term government bonds and corporate bonds.

They generally invest in low-risk securities and pay dividends reflective of short term interest rates.


  • High liquidity, a good alternative for deposit, especially suitable for short-term capital placement and movement 
  • Relatively stable income
  • Relatively lower risk

How to Apply

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Personal Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0800-808-889 or 02-6612-9889.

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Investment warnings

  1. Investors’ investment in mutual funds through non-discretionary trust platform is not deposit of the bank. The investment is not included in the deposit insurance coverage of the Central Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Trustee Bank does not guarantee the performance of fund management; investors will bear the investment risk and investment gains and losses.
  2. The Fund's past performance is not reflective of future performance, fund prices may rise or fall and investment principal may incur loss. Before making investment decision, investors should read the fund's prospectus, investment information, the Fund Profile and acess the suitability of the products against his/her personal circumstances, risk appetite, investment horizon, financial situation, investment objectives and other related conditions (legal, tax and accounting impact).

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