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Generate Income

Focuses on yield enhancement and income-generating financial instruments

FX and Cash management

Dual Currency Investment

Dual Currency InvestmentDual Currency Investments are investment products with currency options. It offers not only deposit interest, but also an enhanced interest derived from the currency option - allowing potentially high interest returns on foreign exchange.


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)An ETF is an investment fund listed and traded on the stock exchange. Through buying or selling ETFs, investors can participate in the performance of the underlying index which tracks equities, fixed income or commodities, etc.

Structured Product

Equity Linked Notes

Equity Linked NotesEquity linked notes are a structured product, issued by financial institutions, linked to shares.

Yield Enhancement Notes

Yield Enhancement NotesThe return from a Yield Enhancement Notes is dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.


Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income FundsThese funds give you access to a range of debt instruments for relatively stable returns. They invest in government bonds, corporate bonds, and bonds of emerging markets.

Balanced Funds

Balanced FundsBalanced funds are unit trusts with underlying investments in both equities and bonds. The funds can be categorized as global, regional, sectoral and by country.