Life Insurance

Traditional (Annuity Policies)

DBS Bank (Taiwan) partners major insurance companies to provide high quality traditional insurance products that cover customers' wealth management, family protection, and retirement planning needs.


  • Increasing Whole Life Insurance
    This policy's coverage and cash value grows over time. We understand the ever-increasing pressure for family support and financial needs and this policy is designed for long-term financial planning but also prevents asset erosion caused by inflation. It helps achieve optimal asset allocation and financial stability

  • Refundable Whole Life Insurance
    This policy provides life insurance coverage and benefit payments. The guaranteed cash stream helps plan for your retirement while accruing for your children's needs.
    For more details, please consult the relevant product manuals. Our wealth management professionals or insurance consultants are also ever ready to help at any of our branches.

How to Apply

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Personal Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0800-808-889 or 02-6612-9889

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