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50 Plus Savings Account

The "50 Plus Savings Account" is a tiered-benefit savings account designed for customers aged 50+. Increase your returns from interest while enjoying inter-bank withdrawal fee waivers. Giving you easy access to your capital.


  • High interest savings account personalized for clients aged at least 50
  • Preferential interest rate tiers at rates better than typical current accounts.
  • The more you deposit, the higher your interest
  • Daily interest calculation, monthly interest payment, rapid interest returns
  • Enjoy 5 free inter-bank ATM withdrawals per month

Interest Calculation

  • Interest threshold amount: TWD5,000
  • Interest calculation method: Interest rate is calculated based on the 50 Plus Savings deposit rate range corresponding to the daily end balance, calculate daily interest automatically, making payments on a monthly basis

※Below rate table only for reference, actual interest rate based on bank's board rate.

Day-end Deposit Balance (TWD)Interest Rate
Below 1 million0.12%
1 million (inclusive) ~ 3 million (not inclusive)0.18%
Above 3 million (inclusive)0.25%

To Open an Account

  • Account opening amount: NT$5,000
  • Account opening target: Individuals (limited to one account per person) aged 50+ (inclusive)
  • Account opening documents: personal id (if foreigner, foreign passport and residency permit/ foreigner id / Alien Resident Card) and second proof of identification, personal seal, or other necessary document stipulated by management organization/ internal department

How to Apply

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Personal Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0800-808-889 or 02-6612-9889

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