Currency-Linked Investments

Invest in the foreign exchange market for a potentially higher return

Currency-Linked Investments

Invest in the foreign exchange market for a potentially higher return

At a Glance
Access potentially higher returns than traditional fixed deposits with Currency-Linked Investments. This short-term investment product features a yield enhancement structure that allows you to benefit from your view of exchange rate movements between a pair of currencies. Deposits are tailored to your specific needs, and you can choose from a range of currency pairs, tenures and FX conversion rates.

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How it Works

How to Apply

Please call us at +886 2 6606 0302 and we will arrange for a treasury specialist to speak with you.

How do you determine the best products for me?

We have a thorough and robust process in place to recommend suitable products for you upon evaluating your investment experience and risk tolerance level.

Are Currency-Linked Investments capital protected?

Currency-Linked Investments are not capital protected, however we offer capital-protected products if they are a better fit for your portfolio. The right product will depend on your risk tolerance level and suitability.

Do you offer longer-term products?

Yes, we do. Please contact us at 0800 808 889 (or +886 2 6612 9889 if you are overseas) and our dedicated team will advise you.

Do you provide a mark-to-market report so clients know the value of each investment product?

Yes, we will provide a mark-to-market report on a regular basis, disclosing the value of your investments.

What market information do you have?

We have more than 100 research analysts who produce research reports and market updates on a daily basis. We also publish a Quarterly Strategy and Asset Allocation report.