Auto Loans

DBS Flexible Auto Loan

Less pressure with automated repayments per annum with more transparent interest rate pricing standards, making your borrowing experience more pleasant.

  • Applicant Criteria:
ROC citizen aged 20-60, with good credit history
  • Loan duration:
24~60 installments
  • Loan interest rate:


New auto interest rate

Used auto/ auto financing

1 ~ 3

1.61%+ (I*+0.54%), floating rate

1.71%+ (I*+0.64%), floating rate

4 ~ 12

2.61%+ (I*+1.54%), floating rate

4.11%+ (I*+3.04%), floating rate


3.61%+ (I*+2.54%), floating rate

5.71%+ (I*+4.64%), floating rate

I* = DBS fixed deposit rate index II (quarterly adjusted)

September 21 2016 announcement: "Fixed Deposit Rate Index II" is 1.07%

  • Sample illustration of total cost in annual percentage rate (APR):

      Loan amount: (New auto) TWD400K

      Loan duration: 5 years

      Loan interest rate:

      Months 1-3 I* + 0.54% floating rate (currently 1.61%)

      Months 4-12 I* + 1.54% floating rate (currently 2.61%)

      Months 13+ I* + 2.54% floating rate (currently 3.61%)

      Total relevant fees: TWD4,100/transaction

      Total fee APR: 3.62%

How to Apply:

  • Visit any of our branches or contact our Personal Relationship Manager.
  • Call our 24-hour personal banking service hotline at 0800-808-889 or 02-6612-9889

Please Note:

(1) The annual percentage cited in this advertisement is in line with the reference calculation used by regulatory authorities. Actual loan conditions would depend on product provided by the bank. Also, the actual APR for each client would also differ depending on the individual loan product and credit conditions.
(2) Total fee APR is not the equivalent of loan interest rate.
(3) Total fee APR calculation base date currently is November 21, 2016.
(4) This product has a 2-year "no payoff constraint", so that if part or all of the principal is repaid within 2 years of the loan disbursement, DBS will levy a 4%-8% early payoff penalty on the early payoff principal amount.
(5) This bank reserves the right to approve client’s application and modify relevant clauses in this product. This bank has the right to review applicant credit conditions and market conditions, in order to determine individual interest rate, loan amount, and loan duration.
(6) Fixed deposit rate index II means and frequency of adjustment: Adjustment dates on are Mar 21, Jun 21, Sep 21, and Dec 21 of each year (if the date falls on a rest day or holiday, the next business day will be the adjustment date), at 3 month adjustment intervals. Average rates on the 11th-17th days of the month of adjustment are sampled, timings are based on Central Bank daily announcement. Index is calculated to the second decimal place, with the third decimal place rounded up or down.
[September 21 2016 announcement: "Fixed Deposit Rate Index II" is 1.07%]
(7) The information above are a partial extract from this bank's auto loan conditions, for details please see DBS Bank (Taiwan) Auto Loan Application Form and Auto property mortgage contract. For details please contact our bank service professional.

For detailed inquiry, please contact our service centre hotline 0800-808889 or 02-66129889

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