Cash Collection

Deposit cash securely at your convenience

Save the time spent visiting the bank and focus on running your business by leveraging DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd ‘s Cash Collection service. Simply request for our partner security service provider who will collect the cash from your business premises and deliver it to DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd directly.  


Why choose DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd Cash Collection?

  • Enjoy added convenience by arranging to have your cash sent directly to DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd without having to visit the bank
  • Avoid the accumulation of cash overnight in your office, retail stores or petrol stations and reduces the risk of staff mishandling, theft or robbery
  • Lower your administrative costs of staff expenses by streamlining your in-house cash handling procedures that is secure and worry-free
  • Reduce the risk of fraud, accidental loss or mishandling of cash and cheques by external or internal factors
  • Receive your daily account statement report via IDEAL™, our online banking platform, for the latest update on the cash credited into your account


What is the frequency of collection for the security guard services?

The frequency of collection can be arranged to suit your business needs. For example, you may choose from daily collection to once a week.

How do I know that my funds are safe and what are the charges for this service?

We have partnered with the security service providers in facilitating the cash deposit collection services. The charges will vary depending on several factors such as frequency, pick-up location and timing.

How can I keep track of the cash deposits made to my account?

You will receive the account statement report via IDEAL, our online banking platform, where you can view the latest update on the cash credited into your account.


How do I apply?

Please call us at 02 6606 0302 and we’ll arrange for a Relationship Manager to assist you.

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 0800 808 889

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 0800 808 889